You May Be Working on Your Manuscript Without Realizing It

Yesterday, I had an idea for a short story. All day long the ideas played in my head. While I watched television, I saw something that I could use to add to my plot (don’t fret I’m not stealing ideas… simply revising and reusing). As I washed the dishes, I thought of more ideas. I downloaded a new book and as I was listening, guess what happened? Yep! Another idea.

All these ideas were downloading in my mind, and I hadn’t even sat at my computer yet. I didn’t type not one word, yet I was still working on my manuscript.

I bet it never occurred to you that working on your manuscript doesn’t always mean sitting in front of your computer or writing in your notebook (though you will need to do that eventually). Thinking about your manuscript, reading and studying great writing, watching television and observing characters and plot development, are other ways you can work on your manuscript.

Do not… I repeat… Do not use those things as an excuse not to sit and write because as I said, you will need to do that too, but give yourself credit for the work you are doing and don’t beat yourself up over what you’re not doing. When the time is right, you’ll sit at the computer, and everything you’ve been working on in your mind will surge through your fingers and onto the computer screen…. Trust me 🙂

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