My New Life: Chapter 1

God has blessed me to work at some of the best schools in East Baton Rouge Parish. I’ve met wonderful people, taught awesome children, and bonded with life-long friends. I loved every minute (well almost every minute) of my time there, but my time has come to an end. On June 11th I went to Westminster Elementary and cleaned out my office. I left there and drove to the school board office where I submitted my official resignation. 

I won’t lie and tell you I came to this decision with ease. I was so torn. There was so much to consider, money being the main thing. I felt an uneasiness in my spirit until my husband, my rock, asked me what I wanted to do. I told him, without a doubt, I want to write and coach writers. He then looked at me and gave me very simple instructions. He told me, “leave and don’t look back.” Apparently, those were the words I needed. I needed to know that he and I were on the same page. I moved forward and continued moving.

Some of you may know that this isn’t my first time leaving the system. I resigned in 2010, thinking it was my time to be a full-time writer. A few weeks after resigning I found I was pregnant with Kourtney. When I made my way back to the school system I used to say that I jumped too soon, but after Kourtney passed away, I realized it wasn’t that I jumped too soon, I’d just jump for a different reason than I thought. You see God knew I’d only have a short time with Kourtney and he also knew if I was still working she’d be going to daycare at 6-weeks just like AJ and Kirsten did. Leaving when I did gave me 7 months to bond and love on my baby girl. 

This time though there’s no baby (please Lord Jesus keep it that way because although I’m still youthful, my husband isn’t LOL!). This time I’m surer than ever I jumped to take full advantage of my purpose. I jumped because I’m a writer. I’m a creator of wonderful stories. In addition to that, I’m an educator. I help people write the stories that have been buried inside of them for far too long. It wasn’t until I left my job that I really realized the magnitude of what I do for those people and what they do for me in return. I’m way more than a writing coach, I make dreams come true. I motivate. I inspire. I help people bring purpose to their pain by sharing their stories and touching the lives of others. 

When I asked God to use me, I didn’t realize how hard that road would be. I didn’t realize I’d lose my mother at 13-years-old. I didn’t realize I’d sit on the front row grieving the loss of two children. I didn’t realize I’d have to say goodbye to my dad so soon. I didn’t know what God would use to prepare me for the life he has for me, but I can tell you this, even during all of that I never stopped trusting Him. I can’t say I was always happy with Him, but I trusted Him, just as I do right now.

I really didn’t mean to write all of this but sometimes my words have a way of taking over :). I wrote this to share my big news AND to warn you that you may eventually get tired of seeing me posting about my writing program and workshops on social media, but hey… a sistah gotta eat and pay bills LOL! So please bear with me as I continue to build and grow my coaching business and as I continue writing and filming my new series. 

I can tell you that ever since I made my decision to leave. To step out on faith and fully trust that God is carrying me in the direction that He wants me to go, things have been changing. Opportunities have been presenting themselves like never before. Ideas are flowing freely. I’m able to stand before more people and speak and this time I’m not just talking about the faith that I heard about, I’m talking about the faith that I’m living, right now today. 

So, I thank you for your support. I thank you for your prayers and I’m excited for you to see where this journey is about to take me and the people God is sending for me to help, and to help me :). Stay tuned… the best is truly yet to come.

5 thoughts on “My New Life: Chapter 1”

  1. Congrats LS! I’m so proud that you had the courage and faith to pursue your dreams. You are an inspiration!


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