My Experience With Kim Fields



On Saturday, October 1, 2016, my son’s birthday, I had the pleasure of attending the Houston Short Film Festival. Wasn’t quite the birthday celebration my fourteen-year-old had in mind, but he understands the goal. Anyway, I sat in the auditorium at Houston University, and I listened in awe and admiration as the presenters poured their knowledge of script writing, directing, and producing into my brain. Yes, I’m an author, but my plan is to go as far as the road called “possible” will take me. I’ll stop grinding once I reach Impossible Avenue.

So, back to the festival, hours passed, and the last set of presenters talked about acting and landing acting gigs. Though I don’t foresee acting in my future, trust me I know my lane and I’m okay staying in it, however, what I’ve learned about good presenters is they can make any situation fit your life, and that’s exactly what actress, director, and producer, Kim Fields, did. Kim shared a story with us that I’ll always remember. She talked about the time she auditioned for the role of Tootie on the 70’s hit show The Facts of Life. Kim told us how her agent sent her on the audition even though the role was written for a 12-year-old girl white girl, which clearly Kim is not white and wasn’t 12 years old, she was only 9. Kim told us how she was very short for her age, so playing a 12-year-old was going to be a challenge. Kim did not fit the description that the director saw when it came to the role of Tootie. I put that word in bold for a reason so stay with me. Kim said she walked into that audition and she owned that part even though she knew she wasn’t the look or height they wanted, she didn’t let that discourage her.

As we all know, Kim did land the role of Tootie. Of course, they couldn’t make her a white girl, but they could make her look tall enough to play a 12-year old by having her wear roller skates. Kim told us, “what God has for you is for you.” The director planned for someone else, but God planned for Kim.

See? Told you I had a reason for that bold print. Now aren’t you glad you kept reading? :).

The message I got from Kim’s story, and the one I hope you’ll get as well, is to never count yourself out without giving it all you got. You never know what God has planned for you.

Perhaps, this has already happened to you. If so, please share in the comments. We’d love to hear how man saw someone else, but God chose you.


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